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MUGELLO GP 29/5/22

 A subdued Mugello, in Le Mans I was touched by the beauty of the audience that swarmed the circuit, with its colors and sounds, here it was the opposite. It was not due to the fact the audience was keeping a low profile but to the fact there were very few people. There were several reasons for that, in my opinion one of the causes was Vasco Rossi’s concert on Saturday night in Imola, that stole about 150.000 people. If we also consider the presence of Valentino Rossi, the counting’s done. 

Let’s move to the races: it has never happened to me that an ideal situation, where we could fight for the victory overturned in this way. Well, last Sunday it happened two times during the last lap. The first time with Rossi that was hit by Moreira (that then crashed) in the last lap. Immediately after the second one, with Zannoni that saw its 2nd position slipping out, while we were already running to the closed park.  

I want to congratulate with Riccardo that made an amazing race. A race made of excellent overtakes and a strategy, in which he made the fastest lap. When few laps were left to the end, I knew he was focused and he was thinking what was to the best tactic to be applied. I know he is not afraid of the bagarre, he made some trials when three or four laps were left, then there was Moreira’s mistake. Really a pity! He showed what he is made of. 
Another winning decision was choosing as our “grid man” Gianluca, who we call “Miami”. A tall man with a strong constitution. We renounced to the beauty of the classic “grid girl” in change of the shadow, in the true sense of the word. It was a laborious but lucky choice. 

Zannoni started from the second position, unfortunately Saturday’s Race 1 was misrepresented by the damp asphalt, while in Race 2 he made a rookie mistake; he was surprised by the pursuers while he was thinking how to overtake the first. It can happen, anyway he continues to be fast and competitive!  

Fellon grabbed again the points zone, by now it’s a super-classic. If we think that last year he was always in the back…we took giant steps!  

During this weekend we had a lot of our sponsors as guests and the debut of La Marzocco, that provided us a coffee machine, that was managed in an extraordinary way by Simone. He cuddled us for the entire weekend with an incredible bar service. 
I was really happy to be surrounded by all these friends, with whom I forged bonds that go beyond the business relationship, we learned how to know each other and how to esteem each other. The tension was really exhausting but I was fine with them.  

Now I feel the post-Mugello tiredness, but we have very little time to think or overthink about mistakes and consequences because it’s time to act …it’s the time to go to the caliente Barcelona… Stay tuned!