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Let’s put an end to this endless season (next year it might be even worse). It’s been long, complicated and strange but in its own way always unique, intense and exciting. Valencia gave us a stadium-like atmosphere, reminiscent of the best concerts, two hundred thousand fans in the stands enlivened this grand finale.

During this weekend, we bade farewell to both Rossi and Toba, with a strong embrace and I admit, a few tears. I don’t get emotional easily, but despite the sports results not going as hoped, there was a good relationship with them. We had a certain feeling, we used to play cards in the evening and chat…it’s not always so evident in a work environment.
We also bade farewell to our Patricia, the telemetry data engineer who joined the team when we took part in the World Championship. The gender quotas in our team have significantly decreased, but I’m proud to announce that she will be working with HRC, in Cecchinello’s team. The request actually came to me first, a thoughtful gesture that did not go unnoticed. It was the first time I worked with a woman in the team (aside from those handling our flights or managing our social media), and it was a delightful discovery. I can only wish her the best.
Every rider, every mechanic, every person who becomes part of our team leaves a bit of themselves and takes a bit of us. A sense of nostalgia is only natural when the time for farewells arrives.

During the test we tried (and did not approve) the new Honda modifications. In my opinion, we are a little behind on some aspects, which I hope will be resolved quickly. But let’s move to the new lineup for 2024, a team composed of two riders with completely different approaches. The first is Farioli, more cautious, slightly concerned for his first time on a Honda after years with KTM.
I must say that after taking the first uncertain steps, perhaps influenced by the challenging year just left behind, I saw him gaining confidence, first of all in the bike and then in himself, proving to be a brilliant rider. He amused us when he ran out of fuel, he was completely into his riding and he forgot about everything else. After all, this is exactly how these young guys should race, with the lightness of their age, thinking only about riding, riding and maybe riding fast.

Our second rider is Lunetta, from the start more exuberant. He has always raced with the number 58 and seeing that number on our bikes had a certain effect on me. He’s a guerrilla-style rider, coming from the CEV, where he consistently stood out in the top positions despite a not high performing bike. In the end, everyone was happy and satisfied, including us. There will be fun with them.

Now that the championship is over, the most recurring phrase is: “Now it’s time to relax!”. But in reality, this is our busier period. My World Championship begins now, with contracts to finalize, sponsors to meet and score a free lunch or potential ones to invite for a coffee. By the way, if anyone is free for a coffee, just give me a call.
The 2024 championship will kick off at the beginning of March, and even the tests will be earlier, thus it’s a good idea to get moving. A warm hug to all of you!