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JEREZ GP 28/04/24

Jerez 2024. Second European round. It’s already Saturday, I’m on the pit wall outside the pit box, I raise my eyes, I glance around and I feel the warmth of the countless supporters and suddenly, it’s time for a step back in time: Imola, in the 1970s. The hill behind the Rivazza turn. What wonderful times!
Here in Jerez rumors whisper of 300.000 spectators who were able to enjoy thrilling and exciting races. An epic performance for the world of two wheels.

And since we’re talking about it…
We’ve witnessed two amazing MotoGp races. Both, the sprint race and the Sunday “classic” race. I wonder why the so-called “Sunday experts” are always ready , to point fingers and criticize anyone who tries to win, unless of course it does not affect their favorites.
Let me explain further. Commenting is the easiest job in the world, I am doing it now too. We all do it at the cafè , as it is commonly said “We’re all geniuses off the field!”. But when I comment on something, I try to do it empathically and with full knowledge of the facts, so I wonder why, at least once, these commentators can’t put themselves in the shoes of the riders, who risk their lives every race, giving us insane emotions.
I don’t think it’s that simple to never make a mistake when you’re pushing to the limits and performing out-of-the-box feats. Can we forgive something? Are we the police?! Do we want flat and boring races, or do we want come action?
I remain convinced that Marquez is an added value for the show, but this time Bagnaia was heroic, I send him a hug and congratulate him for the amazing race.

But let’s get back to reality, back to us. On this sinuous track full of memories, both old and more recent, the Moto3, now turned into the “penalty feast”, has also raced…I’m happy with our races.

Farioli and Lunetta had a challenging qualifying due to some unnecessary concerns and wet conditions, but in the end, they redeemed themselves in the race.
The former, who started 13th, made me discover a new side of him, that I wasn’t aware of. He’s been aggressive, determined and precise also in the tussle. I admit I did not expect that from him. In the end, he finished as the leader of the group in which he had battled with throughout the race.

Regarding Lunetta, the experience gained in the past races, the problems and the briefings proved to be useful. At Austin, in the heat of setting the time, he was riding with no sense and no results. Here, halfway through the race, he understood, after losing many positions, that it was not the best way to act. He calmed down and after taking a deep breath he chose to take our advice and stopped riding nervously. He started to have fun (setting good lap times), he rode the bike as a Honda should be ridden. I think that’s good.

This week’s test confirmed my feelings, the riders were fast after trying some new solutions. Now we just have to wait for the next race in Le Mans, that will tell us the truth.

And perhaps we will say “Vive la France!”