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AUSTIN GP 14/04/24

Qatar, Portimao and then back to America…it’s incredible how easily we move from one place to another. You fly to the other side of the world in a few hours, theoretically, except when a flight gets canceled, the other two get delayed due to planes technical problems and you end up feeling getting older onboard.

You may think I’m crazy if I tell you that I’m satisfied with this weekend. Certainly, not up to our expectations, but expectations are the ruin of relationships, of parties planned well in advance, one should not create them, but that is another story. The excellent job done by both the team and the riders confirms my feelings.

Filippo Farioli had a race full of issues. First, he crashed while making a nonsense manuever, luckily without too much damage he managed to get back up, he did a long lap (imposed during the free sessions) and he finished 15th, gaining one point with a wobbly and unstable bike.

I want to clarify: long lap penalties were distributed for free by the race direction, were sold like hot cakes. Lunetta, who started 10th, took one, but some riders took three, I mean… three, are we joking?

Coming back to us, we have two you young guys who approach things in completely different ways, with different personalities and temperaments. Farioli, is one who goes very fast when the track is clear. Lunetta has still a spartan driving style and when left alone he creates a bit of confusion. Although, in reality he’s a rider who knows his way around tussle.
I have to admit I was surprised by one thing after the race, which did not go well for either of them…they were really disappointed and upset and they remained angry all day, truly. And these emotions did not end after five minutes, after leaving the pit box or watching a video on Instagram. And it’s a beautiful thing, it means they have this job at heart, it’s been a while since I’ve seen it.
They can’t wait to reach their goal, they would eat up the ground they walk on, they are enthusiastic and full of excitement. They put their heart into it, an ingredient that seems to escape most people lately.
Filippo only has one flaw, he smiles too often, I always tell him: “you need to be angrier, the rider is angry by definition… or at least pretend!”
As for Luca…since he called us boomers, I would suggest him, as a member of the fantastic “Z Generation” to calm down, because with this agitation, before the end of the season, he won’t escape a couple of whacks from me.

One week break, so to speak…On Sunday I will be in Treviso for an event with the Simoncelli foundation, and then next stop: Jerez de la Frontera.