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LOSAIL GP 19/11/23

Here we are, just came back from this absurd and illegal tour de force: India, Japan, Indonesia and then Australia, Thailand, Malaysia and Qatar… and finally, Valencia.
After a one-week break, that felt like nothing, we ventured into the Malaysian lands to then be catapulted into what I would describe as the most beautiful circuit in the world today, namely Qatar. With its stadium-like lights, the repaved asphalt and the revolutionized paddock, it has been completely transformed and has become a gem in the Qatari motorcycle landscape.

The races were quite satisfying, but… and here I risk being repetitive, Toba and Rossi have a phobia of qualifying and it is the only way to describe this surreal situation. However, in Qatar Rossi almost won, finishing 4th starting from the 18th position, while Toba finished 8th starting 25th. It’s always a comeback, every Sunday they make noteworthy comebacks and remarkable performances. However, since they always start from a range between the 15th and the 25th place (miracles still don’t happen), they don’t achieve the result they could.In Malaysia we were unlucky, both riders crashed without fault.
Rossi’s race was superb, as he should have done in all the others. Not having helped him believe more in himself or not having succeeded remains the biggest regret of this season. He has the talent and many qualities indeed… including the ability to make me so angry. By the way, if Saturday’s discussion spurred him on so much, we should have given him these types of stimuli earlier. But now it’s enough, we are at the end of the season, we have to be good.

Indeed, since I have always criticized the race direction for their disproportionate, impartial and overly severe judgments, this time I must admit that I witnessed the exact opposite attitude, they were excessively tolerant.
After another extremely sad scene where most of the Moto3 riders were literally wandering around the circuit looking for someone to tow them…the Race Direction did not point any fingers, did not punish anyone, neither ours nor the others. What benevolence!

We are ready, no, it’s not true… we’re extremely tired, but back on the road for the last dance, in Valencia. For years, the Ricardo Tormo circuit has been a fixed appointment, a place that has witnessed ruthless battles and that, once again this year, will host the battle for the championship. And even though, unfortunately, we won’t be among the contenders for the title, it’s another piece that will close the circle and allow us to check off another World Championship.

Meanwhile, Lunetta and Farioli are already in pole position for Monday’s tests. There’s a lot of excitement and great expectations. We’ll reveal you more gossip about the 2024 season as soon as possible.