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CHANG GP 29/10/23

Here I am. Finally, we meet again… We were catapulted off the coasts of Southeast Asia, between the Indian and the Pacific Oceans and then we reached the southernmost country in the hemisphere in just 21 days… Well, I must say that despite my young age, these trips have been quite challenging. Therefore, I’ve decided to save my energy and make a single final press release, also because otherwise I would have waisted too much energy getting angry for one thing or another. But let’s proceed in order.

My riders undoubtedly had some great races where they were riding with the times of the best riders, I can’t say anything…Often in the top ten, in Thailand our bikes were even the fastest on the track. Yes, on Friday and Saturday, they took two days off, but then they came back in time for the grid lineup as if nothing had happened.Both Toba and Rossi would have the chance to compete for the victory, and often aiming for a top-four finish. Instead, they forget about the weekend’s objective, they get caught in mental issues and start from the usual “coal wagon”, too far behind to solve the situation.


At Philip Island we suffered an injustice from the Race Direction, but I don’t think Toba can be blamed if the pit exit is right at a turn where they reach speeds of 200 km/h. These three men made their irrevocable decision to resolve all their issues. They abuse their power, they are not open to dialogue or accepting criticism and furthermore, they compete against each other. It’s not fair to send a rider to the back of the grid for a minor issue, they should give weight to things. They do not attempt to understand whether there was malice or ill intent in an action; we are treated as pawns in a board game. If someone does “A” then they deduct 3 positions, if someone does “B” then it’s a long lap penalty. They remain aloof in their paperwork, in the abstract theories of their offices without going to the heart of the case. They don’t consider that their judgment will ruin the entire team’s weekend for
someone who did nothing. I believe that a well-established organization like Dorna, which has been managing everything related to the world of motorcycles for many years, cannot fail in this.
Beyond these various considerations, it’s been wonderful to experience the culture of friendly and welcoming people like the Thai and the Indonesians; we could learn many things from them. They wait for MotoGp as if it were a gift from heaven, they are amazing. It’s a pity that they have a challenging weather, so although we would like to have more stops in places like Thailandia, I was pleased to arrive in Australia. There, our Rosa, by now an icon of the place and the paddock, briefly gave us a taste of home.