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MOTEGI GP 01/10/23

Being catapulted from the absolute chaos of India to the stillness of the most precise country in the world was destabilizing. The only thing that these two completely different populations have in common is driving on the left side, nothing more.

Caught up in the enthusiasm of the Indian experience and the beautiful days spent visiting Tokyo, we challenged each other to card games, Pasini and me versus Grana paired up the newcomer Rossi, in which, of course, he won, the beginner with his usual luck…
Here we are again, cursing at these meaningless practice sessions that, as always, disturb the course of the race, with Toba starting 11th and Rossi 17th.
My frustration is due to the fact that this was a circuit where both of them were fast, but when it’s time to prove themselves during qualifying , to do the “time attack”, they always find a thousand issues, according to them it’s never the right moment.
Sometimes you have to create the right moment on your own, you can’t wait for it.

In the end, they were two respectable races, with Toba doing the best he could starting from the back and finishing 8th, while Riccardo struggled a bit and finished 13th.

This brief press release is the outcome of a weekend that did not excite me. Now we’ll stay home for a few days, recharging our batteries, and we hope to turn things around next week in Indonesia.