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Buddh GP 24/9/23

The first time in India is unforgettable. To be honest: I liked it! A controversial country in some ways, chaotic, bustling, actually very bustling, probably the only city in the world where the horn is honked more than in Naples. Strange but true, I’ve never seen an accident, despite cows on the road or scooters going against the flow to avoid the jam, this makes them skilled drivers. If I had to describe it with 4 adjectives, I would say: scorching, exciting, crowded, lively. To confirm that, the fact it was a favorable trip to us. 

Let’s get back to business, to Saturday’s practice sessions that are always a bit complicated due to our riders’ attitude. They are not able to perform as they should in qualifying. Toba was almost left out from the Q2 but then he battled for the 1st position till the end in Sunday’s race. He finished 2nd, but he had an amazing race, the way I like it. He battled from start to finish, every turn, every overtake, under a Saharan hot weather. He arrived exhausted, drained of energy and water. Impressive!

I was a bit surprised, or rather disheartened, by a fruitless complaint brought to us by the Husqvarna team, I did not expect it. They were insinuating we were using a longer throttle grip. What to say, at this point I would also like to know why Sasaki’s bike caught fire during a practice session.

Anyway…even Rossi had an aggressive race, he pushed. On the day he announced the name of his new team, he gave us a surprising race, almost at his best, assuring us a 7th place. With some more attention and courage he could have gained two extra positions, but it was right to collect and bring home points, I am proud and satisfied.

Well, we are already in Japan, we had a good time but certainly we will not miss the scorching heat of India. For Toba it’s time for his home GP, coming off a second place, with all his friends and relatives coming to watch him he’ll have to show his consistency. It will be a great challenge for him, who may feel a bit of pressure. We happily accepted his invitation to stay in Tokyo for a few days, where he will show us the city through the eyes of a local.