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Misano GP 10/09/23

A crowd of people swarming towards the Marco Simoncelli – World Circuit, with around 158,000 attendees, like it was before the pandemic, to frame an intense Italian weekend.

The MotoE “tour de force”, as I like to call it, gave us two great races where Kevin Zannoni finished 5th in race 1 and 6th in race 2. Manfredi didn’t want to fall behind either, and with a great performance, he finished 4th in Race 1. Unfortunately, he didn’t get the chance to do wellin race 2 because he was taken down by Granado.

Last week, I said that we would raise the Cup with Mattia Casadei, and it is with pride and extreme pleasure that I congratulate him for becoming the MotoE World Champion! Even though I care about him a lot, I didn’t encourage my riders to let him pass if needed… but he has always been grateful, and I wish him the best.

Between August and September, it’s always the “Rider Market” that takes the lead and influences the choices, performances, and thoughts of many riders… In Moto3, Toba finished 6th, leading the second groupthat was made up of very strong riders. Rossi, on the other hand, didn’t have a noteworthy race. After poor qualifications, he didn’t do better on Sunday. I hope he will recover quickly because we are only halfway through the season and we need a more focused rider.

And it’s right at our home GP that we welcome the promising Luca Lunetta to Sic58, straight from the CEV. Since he was little, he has raced with the number 58, which he will continue to use with us too, but it wasn’t the reason for the choice. Whispers and on-track performances declare him to be strong. He will take the place of Riccardino Rossi. Careers must take their course. We grow together for a while, we shared a part of our path but as wonderful as it may be, at some point, everyone must follow his own way.

However, the Misano Grand Prix opened with sad news: the passing of Mike Trimby, one of the founding members of IRTA. To be honest, I didn’t appreciate to see the hospitality areas celebrating on Saturday evening,it felt like the minute of silence observed shortly before lost its value.

On the other hand, I was amazed and left speechless by an unexpected surprise: an almost surreal performance by the Italian Navy, an Harrier (capable of vertical takeoff and landing), a fighter aircraft, to say it in a common way, which made a bow (lowering the nose of the aircraft) in front of Sic’s oak tree. Myself and others 100,000 people can say, “I was there.” These are beautiful emotions to experience in the front row.