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About Sundays when there are such incredible races, you would never want them to end and Monday to arrive, and the Catalan GP race was one of those. We saw one of the most thrilling Moto3 races, with riders battling it out, with a lot of overtakes and even a few clashes. There were so many riders on a small section of the track, I wonder how the most exciting of the three categories is not widely followed.Rossi and Toba arrived in the top ten, respectively 6th and 7th, a result I have been aiming for since the beginning of the year. Perhaps we should thank the riders market…when it’s contract renewal time, the riders wake up. A beautiful competition where we arrived within 3 tenths of the podium and half a second from the victory. Important numbers.I can’t be equally enthusiastic about MotoE, where Zannoni left all our hopes, which were born from the achievement of the 4th position in qualifying, on the second row. He slipped from 4th to 10th at the first corner, and in MotoE, it’s extremely challenging to make a comeback.The only bright spot is the 20 points advantage that Casadei will bring to the Misano GP. Yes, he’s from another team, he’s our competitor, but he grew up in Casa Simoncelli, he’s one of the reasons why the Sic58 Squadra Corse was born. If we see him raising a trophy, well, that trophy, we will raise it with him.I would like to conclude this press release by sharing my thoughts on the MotoGP race; in my opinion, we should thank Bastianini’s mistake if Bagnaia came away unharmed from the terrifying accident. You might find it strange, but think about it carefully. If Enea hadn’t reduced the size of the front group that Pecco was leading, the risk of getting hit again would have risen dramatically. Fortunately, it turned out well, and I send both of them a warm hug and my best wishes for a speedy recovery.We all know that where there is speed, there is danger, but motorcycling is passion, and you can’t just stop it. I would like to emphasize that penalties are not always fairly distributed by the race direction, but not today. With a thrilling Moto3 race and the half-miracle in MotoGP, we just have to be thankful and savor this moment…they are rare, but they exist… and if we close our eyes for a moment, it’s already Misano!