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Foto Junior GP Catalunya 12/06/2022

After weeks of silence I may surprise you with this unexpected news, unexpected for me as well.
Last weekend the CEV race took place at the Montmeló circuit, that just hosted the riders of the World Championship, and I feel it is my duty to tell you the story of this Australian guy that you all know by now: Harrison Voight for being a good guy, for being brave, for being someone who never gives up.

Last year Harrison had a very bad accident at Portimao, he had to undergo several complex surgical procedures to get back in the saddle and after six long months of physiotherapy and rehabilitation he made it.
At the beginning of the year his name was on the Rooky Cup list and in the CEV list. He was going fast right from the start, when at Estoril this year, due to a stupid fall, he broke his collarbone and hand again,  simultaneously this time. 
‘His career with motorbikes ends here” we all thought, a boy of his age with so many injuries already behind him. But against all the previsions, a month later, at the Barcelona circuit last weekend, he got back on the bike with a great performance.
It was a very difficult test for him, psychologically exhausting, the free and official practices were very complicated, but in the end he succeeded by doing two good races. He finished in the top ten in both with very good lap times and I am very proud of that.

When I think about the World Championship race, the last race on this same circuit, which I was not satisfied with and as a result I didn’t prepared the press release (the staff censored it for me), well I have to say that this guy has a lot to teach. We should take an example from him who at the age of sixteen has just allowed himself to amaze everyone. Thank you Harrison for your determination, you did great!