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Departures and arrivals, cars and airplanes…A sea of hope and expectations placed in a 100 ml bottle. Team uniforms and dreams that weigh like a millstone. All diligently set into a trolley with the maximum capacity of 10 kg and rigorously respecting the measurements of the low-cost airlines. All the tiredness, the anxiety, the desire to do things… but then? Everything crumbles, disappearing into thin air. It takes just a moment.  The bad luck, the wrong place at the wrong time. Saturday it was enough the mistake of Whatley, who slipped losing the front and struck Rossi, who crashed making damages like a hail. It happened again on Sunday, 100 mt from the start, when he was hit by Tatay’s impetuosity and for this reason brought at the Hospital for a head MRI. A sad short story.

Honestly, I don’t know what to say, these things happen. I may say this is not right, but it’s part of the game, it is also what makes races engaging, that keeps us glued there with the heart pounding. But when these things happen to you, damn, it is very annoying. Also the MotoGP race had its unforeseen accident, Bagnaia favorite to win, super pole, all super and then…Sometimes we should remember they are young, young guys with the desire to do things and overdo things.Same situation of the previous races for Fellon, who always starts very excited, until the same problems arise. I can’t say he is not fast, but he has to fix two or three technical things, that we repeated and explained him many times and if he does not adjust them, we can’t do it for him. Sometimes we joke telling him: “In this sport you are allowed to overtake, overtaking is legitimate, be calm you won’t be fined”.

If you read the last press release, you should have seen how positively I have talked about Voight, that on Sunday gave me a further confirmation. He took part into the Rookies Cup getting a 2nd place after a very challenging race. He repeated the same performance on Sunday getting (unfortunately) only the 6th position, but after a hard-fought challenge with the leading group. I’m satisfied with the work that this Australian guy is doing, he is a tough cookie!


Now we should leave the arduous climbs and descents of this, mostly disappointing, Sachsenring to reach the flat and beautiful TT Assen Circuit, with the hope that not only the track will be flat…