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QATAR GP 10/03/24

It’s always hard to take the first steps at the beginning of a new world championship, but here we are again. It’s tuesday afternoon and the sun is setting as we arrive at the sumptuous Qatari circuit, all renewed. Almost embarrassing in its prominence, with its immense paddock and the sheikhs strolling and looking around.
2024, everything is new: tyres, riders except for Honda’s timing, that as always, is late in sending the parts.
We received the second fairing on Thursday, bare of everything. Luckily an enthusiast who came to the box showed me a photo with Marco he turned out to be an excellent panel beater who prepared and fixed it for us in time for Friday’s qualifying.

It was a tough and complicated weekend. First up, because we switched from Dunlop tyres to Pirelli, which were tested in Portimao and Jerez. In Qatar we received a completely different tyre, unrecognizable. Just imagine how much the approach of riders can change from testing to race, now add a new tyre, with only 4 sessions to test it.  With Dunlop, we knew everything, and often it still was not enough. With these new tyres, all the secrets are yet to be discovered. In addition to this, both Farioli and Lunetta are newcomers and one is joining his first world championship…well, it’s a done deal! I would describe it as a challenging race weekend, we started quietly, qualifying with both riders from Q1 to Q2, and finally starting 11th and 14th respectively.

At the start of the race, during the first lap the most experienced riders started very aggressively and arrogantly, let’s say. Farioli lost several positions while Lunetta slipped almost to the back.  Forced into the chasing group, Filippo after a few laps and a handful of excessive throttle was betrayed by the tyres, like many other riders, he paid the price for not knowing how these would react. We also feel sorry for Bertelle, who was involuntarily involved in the crash.

Luca finished with a good race as a rookie, managing to lead the second group until once again the tyres showed their limit. He earned his first and hard-fought point in the championship.       

There is room for improvement and potential when starting with young guys, but we must proceed gradually, stay calm and make them feel comfortable, as I hope is happening. Anyway, Moto3 confirms to be the most exciting and thrilling class once again. Be good, see you in Portimao!