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LE MANS GP 15/5/22

In a fiery Le Mans we were welcomed by a spectacular audience, that passionately showed all its happiness for the return on circuits. An “old style” weekend, at least for the audience, it was all amazing but a bit disappointing for us. I’m sorry for those who think to read this article in few minutes, I do not want to be annoying, but I have to warn you that I dragged on, today I’m pretty angry!

Let’s start from the beginning, according to Fellon on Friday:“the bike sucks, it doesn’t work” ,words said just to justify his unsuitable behavior on the bike (or incapability). On Saturday, instead “the bike is wonderful”, amid our perplexities. But we know that numbers do not lie, by modifying the order of the addenda the result does not change, this is what the commutative property teaches us … indeed: on Sunday he finished the race in 23rd position. On Sunday he raced without sense, after a passable start, he was overtaken by a lot of riders. Even though the two years with us, our advices and our support I have not seen him overtaking someone yet.

Rossi is a guy with the right characteristics, he understands what changes should be applied on the bike to improve it. It’s not something that anyone can do and well, he knows how to do it. But he should be able to be focused starting from Friday. Certainly, the lifestyle of today’s teenagers always with a phone in their hands, with their lives blurred by social networks, leads me to believe that he is distracted and not always on point. Me and Grana are considering the idea to confiscate his phone for the whole weekend.
However, at the beginning of the first race, before the re-start, he trivially crashed cause of the rain. He was conditioned by this slide for all the next 14 laps. It can’t happen to a World Championship rider, he has to get back in the game stronger than before, he can’t close the throttle and be cautious. A slide cannot determine the whole day.

MotoE started quietly, amid a general skepticism, including mine, even though I had to change my mind. While in its first year MotoE was a competition for riders at the end of their career, now it is a category with a lot of young riders with the desire to do well. Exciting and intense races are the result. It is the new launching pad for Moto2. I’m happy for Casadei, who is the rider for whom I came back to races with the SIC58 team. We shared joy and pain, adventures and misadventures and now I’m happy to see him winning, even though to our own detriment. Zannoni is our special gift from Cecchinello, to whom I have also recommended him last year. He tried to overcome Mattia in a hasty way and then he crashed, but I’m fine with that. If a rider does not try to win during the last lap, then when should he try?
In Race 2 he missed the podium by a whisker, on the last corner for 6 thousandths, the equivalent of 5 cm, in a sprint with Canepa. I really like him, the best replacement I could find for Casadei.

And now we come to Mugello, the Italian Gran Prix, in which we have a positive curriculum, made of fast laps and pole positions. We hope to do well and it’s time that also our riders start to believe it.