ARAGON CEV 04/10/2020

ARAGON CEV 04/10/2020

Six races in two days, it is really a lot to handle even for a young boy like me. But besides the tiredness, the fatigue, planes, km, the up&down of adrenaline, this was more than a positive weekend, intense as we like. And our kids, with a double podium in Moto3 and one in the ETC, they made the SIC58 Squadra Corse shine.

Gacia has been great, showing up in the world championship was good for him, racing with the best riders in the world makes you grow, even if the race ended badly. It was a good training, it made him more conscious of his capacity and it made him feel like he own the track.
He fought hard in all of the three races, also the last one on Sunday, when he deserved to win but he made a mistake on the last lap and due to a penalty he closed 5th. On the other hand he closed both the other two races up in the podium.
Also Senna made a good race, he closed 13th but always fighting, with great lap-times. On Sunday he sadly crashed on both races due to a contact with a rider.
It is a pity, because it is the last performance that remains impressed in the memory. It always happens like this, in all sports: for example, for us old people it’s impossible to forget Roberto Baggio’s mistake in the final against Brasil back in ’94. But is the same Baggio the one who got us to the final, playing greatly all the previous matches…. Senna needs not to focus on the mistake of Sunday, but on all the other races, where he was there fighting, and never quitting. I think he changed, in positive, he understood in races it is necessary to grow step by step, to fix one thing at a time, you can’t jump from one to ten in just one step.

ETC: we’ve been protagonists also here, with a Voight that always surprises me, he has the right position on the bike and a good vision of the race. After those 3rd, 6th and 7th positions, where the podium was always really closed, now he is conscious that not eating french fries has a reason why. It hasn’t been easy for him to give up.
Volpi… Volpi is going through a difficult moment, I think he became too high for this category, growing all in one year, he is paying the price of this 180cm of beauty, distributed in 12kg more than the minimum weight allowed by the rules, and that penalized him against the other riders. Anyway this shouldn’t be an excuse not to win. He used to close a lap in 2’04 last year, now in 2’08. ETC is a mono branded category with technical obligations so we can’t do so much to avoid this problem, but I’m sure he has all the strength and the capacity to make the difference anyway, waiting to change category.

Just the time to do a quick laundry and we’ll be packing again, ready to fly off to Le Mans, where Tatsuki will try to ride on FP1. If he will be in pain or if we will decide not to take any risk, there will be Garcia, warmed up on the bench ready to replace Tatsu.