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March 2023: Here we are, at the gates of a new year, we are one year older…or it’s better to say with another year of experience. A new beginning, a new season, that we hope will be intense and glorious as in the best movies. A season full of news and attempts to make this sport even more alive, to make a spectacle, where we hope we will give our best to play an important role.

Test have just been completed, MotoE has now taken a real and important name, “World Championship” wow, and for this reason it was completely revolutionized, an innovative bike, a new Ducati that feels all kinds of regulation, today it is really an amazing bike. With our two Kevin: Zannoni and Manfredi, we saw a great potential.

Among the changes, the “sprint race” has been introduced in MotoGP. It will be held on Saturday, despite the rumours and criticism, maybe we should say it was the right thing to liven up something or at least try.

Regarding Moto3, the category where we lined up Riccardo Rossi and Kaito Toba, I could say a lot of beautiful things, given the results during the last test. But this year it’s better not to say anything and follow the teaching of the legendary   Matteoni: “Flying low to see beyond”.
Take today’s press release as an incipit rather than a weekend recap, just to wish you: “Good luck everyone, good luck to all the Sic58 Squadra Corse!