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A fascinating, atypical and at times explosive (from all angles) MotoGP. We’ve never seen a MotoGP like this, where everything is marked by the spectacle.
Everything evolves, even the introduction of the talked-about Sprint Race, in my opinion it did its job, that is keeping alive the spectator’s attention. Innovative and unconventional, a legitimate show, everything that was needed.
Obviously, there are some things to be fixed and settled, with the new format , MotoGp riders are busy the entire day, maybe lower categories could be more engaged to unload them from some duties.

Regarding us, I’m quite satisfied, Toba was doing great but he ran into problems when he received the “track limits warning”, a warning that appears on the dashboard, when the rider goes on the grass and after the second notice he is forced to make a long lap penalty. Therefore, there is still work to do, but he drew attention to himself, he has always been in the leading group breathing down their neck.

About Rossi I just want to say it was a bad day…

We approach Argentina with confidence, I have a great team and two riders I believe in.

I appreciated a lot the aggressive essence of the sprint race, I know one who would have had a lot of fun, even though at the time aggressive maneuvers were considered borderline.