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Termas De Río Hondo 02/4/23

I saw this race vanishing like leaves after an autumnal gust of wind.
I’m disappointed, disappointed and upset, after an amazing comeback, from the 19th position to the fight for the podium, Rossi has cancelled everything with a nonsense maneuver, actually an entire nonsense last lap.
Riki is like an “on-off” switch, turned on or turned off, in all the races where he was doing great (Jerez, Sepang, Thailand, where he got the podium but he could win) he was not able to reach the desired outcomes. When both the bike and the rider are good, the problem is even more serious because you don’t know how to figure it out. It’s a pity not to be able to help him being more concrete and bringing results, but how do we teach to make the right choice at the right time?
By now he should have learned a bit of experience and tactical sense. On the one hand I think he made an amazing comeback, on the other hand I think that he should not start from the 19th position (this was due to an “off” moment on Saturday).
A race that ends like this makes you angry cause of a sense of helplessness that, at least to me, is difficult to describe.Toba made a good race, he finished 7th, a discreet position, it is true that a lot of riders in the front group crashed but he remained in the game. We are starting to know each other, he should just think of racing well.
During the first laps, rookies have made themselves noticed, with extreme overtakes and aggressive maneuvers , someone should explain them this is useless, except to lose precious meters from the leading group that in the meanwhile can continue its way with serenity. It’s also true that if our riders started in the front of the grid, this problem would not arise, we can say it and repeat it but, in the end, that’s it: it’s all part of the show.

Arbolino is a guy who grow up with me and seeing the perfection of a race like the one of Sunday, makes me relive that Mugello race in 2014. He was starting in last position cause of a penalty, that now I can’t remember, he gained the victory in front of an astounded audience and in front of an enraptured me and an amazed Fabio Balducci. Yesterday he reminded me why I’ve renamed him “A motorbike artist”. Congratulations Tony!
(And to tell the truth Suzuki grew up with us as well…)

And now some days in the wonderful Patagonia and then we’ll talk about it in Austin!