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Jerez GP 30/4/23

So, here I am, with a delayed press release, but this time I really needed to think and sleep. I wish I could interrupt the silence by talking of an amazing race, not necessarily finished with a podium, but I wanted to tell you about overtakes to the limit and hearts over the obstacles, and about a proud and satisfied team. The bad news is that we had too many expectations, maybe “cause of” an animated race in Argentina, an anonymous race in Texas…or maybe just because we considered Jerez a lucky circuit. I just thought that…but no.

In this first European round, we found a Rossi who still did not digest the crash in Termas De Rio Hondo, despite the support of his mental coach. He made non-sense practices to finish with a trivial crash. Nothing more to say. I just hope that soon I will laugh at these bad times and at this uphill Championship start.

Toba is a real professional, always on the ball. Unfortunately, he was not able to finish a race where he could be in the top ten. I am sorry for him and with him, after so many years I finally saw someone who really cares about it. He made me think.

While we were struggling to overcome this hostile Sunday, it was already time for a day of testing. Just when Grana and the team thought they found a better set-up, during the last Tuesday’s session Toba went into the bend and…he shredded the bike. I had a déjà vu…I saw Aligi’s expression after another Marco’s crash and in his eyes, I saw my own feelings: “Let’s go, it’s time to go home”.When things don’t work, there’s no much one can do.

Next stop: the chaotic LeMans, France. Here there will be the first race of the MotoE Championship. We will all be there, with both Kevin Zannoni and Manfredi.

Beyond the various misfortunes… someone should understand that this is not a game. This is one of the most beautiful jobs in the world with no doubt, but it remains a job.
If we continue on this path, it will be a long Championship, but if we are able to change direction then it will be a long Championship for the others too.