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LE MANS GP 14/05/23

As if time has never stopped, a throwback, with crowded grandstands as it once was, as if Covid has never existed… this weekend I’ve been won over by the French audience, I’ve heard about 280.000 spectators in the three days.

Those who are following us already know the difficulties we are facing. Toba did what he could, starting from the back of the grid and he was able to be fast finishing 12th. By chance or misfortune, he could not improve during Saturday’s FP3 on wet track, while the last lap of Q1 was not considered valid cause of a yellow flag taken in the last corner.

With Rossi we have a big problem, if there was an insurance, we would ask for a refund of the moral damages resulting from the crash in Argentina. It happened a month ago but we’re still paying the price for that. After all our talking, the consultations with the mental coach, the technical advices from the team and the family, finally on Sunday he remembered he was joining a World Championship race. Maybe we’ve found again our Riki, now we need to ensure that he will arrive in Mugello.

Le Mans was the first MotoE weekend, with my fair satisfaction for the two “Kevins”. In Race 1 Manfredi was penalized with an unfair long lap, for which also the race direction came around… and he finished 7th. In Race 2 he was fighting for the podium, but he crashed at the damned turn 5 (many others crashed there).

Zannoni finished 4th in race1 and 8th in race2, all in all it was a positive weekend for him, he should just have fewer thoughts and have more self- confidence.

Now that I have talked about my categories I would like to express myself about the MotoGp race, that I would define incredible!
At this moment, where often journalists and tv create false alarms and terrorism only on those they want, there are discussions about risky overtakes, almost to the limit of absurdity, I want to ask you a question: “What if Marquez would have been involved in those overtakes? What if he would have been the cause of one of the accidents that happened? Do you think that the media would have attenuated him? Let me answer, of course not! They would have burned him like they did with Giovanna D’Arco, just to quote a random French woman.
Given that Marquez accusations sound like a familiar story to me, a guy that after 45 days of convalescence gets on a bike, with a chassis never tried before, an he’s likely to set the pole (that in the end was claimed by a fantastic Bagnaia). Are we still keep talking about this? Really?
Unlike the others, he is often accused of making aggressive overtakes and unfair maneuvers, but overtakes, trajectories close to the kerb, the adrenaline and the thrills represent the life of motorcycling, without them this sport would not exist.

A MotoGp race like the last one hadn’t been seen for a long time, incredible breakings, borderline overtakes… and he made it an amazing race keeping us glued to the screen and a guy like that should be taken into account. These people represent THE show of the motorcycle world, and we need them in a world where football is king. Then I wonder…why don’t we enjoy the beauty of this sport and let these guys do what only a few people in the world can do?