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MUGELLO GP 11/06/23

I think this is the most awaited Gran Prix of the year, at least for Italians. On the one hand for those who work there, because it’s the first in Italy, on the other hand for the audience, because of the party in the lawns and the track invasion…for everyone, because of its extraordinary turns. Thus, Tuesday we left for the long awaited Mugello, but before arriving there…our truck driver was involved in a traffic accident with another truck, and the tractor truck was destroyed. Luckily there were no injuries. From that moment, we had a lot to figure out and just at 4.00 am we were able to find a solution. But after all, “At Mugello you don’t sleep”, right?
But now we come to us, the optimistic in me was already thinking “That’s a good start…”, instead I was positively surprised. Everyone worked well, without exception, I’m really satisfied with the job done this weekend, maybe we are getting out of the crisis.

Let’s start with MotoE, the first podium in this season was given us by the bold Kevin Manfredi, who started 8th in Race 1 and was able to get the podium in Race 2. Adrenaline-filled and exciting, every podium leaves you a unique feeling, it can make you more excited for the next one or nostalgic for a past one, but no prizegiving can leave you indifferent. Someone told me “He’s a rain rider” and on Sunday, he proved it. He has more sensitivity and he knows how to ride on wet, he knows how to be fast from the beginning. Certainly, being a tester and riding the Le Mans 24h gave him that extra experience that allowed him to make a difference. Kevin Zannoni finished 6th in Race 1, while he had a bit of trouble in the wet, but towards the end of the race he rode very well. 

In Moto 3 we saw the rebirth of Riccardo Rossi, the presence of his sister was therapeutic, they have a great relationship, he started well from the 5th position and then he met Suzuki, old grudges flared up and they foolishly hindered each other, losing the leading group. Toba’s qualifying was influenced by Friday’s crash, the race was just a consequence of a difficult start.
On the endless uphill straight (1141 mt) of Mugello,
ten riders were following the leading group, anything could have happened…In the end Rossi finished 8th and Toba 10th. Perhaps, we could grab something more with both riders.

Finally, Mugello came back to life, the track invasion is always scenic and even tough we don’t want, actually they don’t want to admit it…Moto3 is always the most spectacular race, among all the categories. I won’t go to Sachsenring to fix some post-accident complications and to celebrate an important birthday: “the 10 years of Birra Flea”, but there are 3 races in a row and we’ll see each other in Assen!