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ASSEN GP 25/06/23

Here we are, we have reached the first season break, and not without difficulties. It’s time to take stock of the situation, after eight races played and twelve still available to try to turn the tables and rewrite everything.

I’m writing this press release a week far from the last GP on purpose, not for time lack, but because I wanted to measure my words, because it’s not time for snap judgments but for deep breaths and reflections, I was thinking of taking up Yoga.

In Assen we were all fired up by the front row, we were so full of expectations that disappeared between the 5th and 6th lap on Sunday.
We have Toba,
who is quite consistent, he works hard and he stays focused but he has been a bit unlucky. He has determination and character, he’s a tough one and he proved it lining up on the grid on Sunday and performing a good race, despite the concussion. It’s not a thing for today’s riders anymore. It all happened from a crash that initially seemed silly, but the medical check highlighted a slight memory loss.
Rossi alternates good performances with others to be forgotten, his “on/off” pattern is still persisting…Sometimes I see the strong and talented Rossi, other times it seems his talent remains closed in the box and he is replaced by someone who is more similar to an influencer than a rider.

However, there are endless dynamics behind every Gran Prix, each of us can look for his/her excuses, like in a “dinner with murder” one can accuse who prefers: the bike, the team, the rider… but what is happening it’s in the open for everyone. Personally, I’m trying to collect my thoughts, I’m trying to understand why we’re not getting the expected results, I hope this break will help us in overcoming this stalemate. Today I don’t want to criticize, judge or argue, I really care of my team and I’m sure we’ll get through this comparing ourselves.
Something has to be adjusted, someone has to figure out what he wants to be when he grows up… But this sport is first of all about passion, dedication and sacrifice. We are a team, a family with whom we share twenty four weeks a year. We are the cogs of a potentially perfect machine, but if one doesn’t turn it happens as in Assen, we have an exploit that then fades away, like in the best circus act.

I still strongly believe in us, in the Team’s desire to do well, but these guys need to be encouraged somehow, nothing could do it better than a good result. We need to pull an ace out of our sleeve to turn the game around. It’s now or never. The team that I strongly wanted and lined up in the 2023 World Championship has to demonstrate that this is a game we still know how to play.