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2013 A vision, a hope, a team were born. Two young and energetic guys with a great desire to restart. Our first team presentation, on the notes of one Marco’s favorite song: “Siamo Solo Noi”, at the end of a “Happy Birthday Sic” in Rimini.

2023 It’s been 10 years since then.
Ten years of emotions, rides to the podium and to the closed park.
But they were also ten hard years, with the door slammed in our face, the spread of the pandemic and the interruption of some sponsorships.
Ten years of loyalty; handshakes and pats on the back.
Ten years of anger; ten years of mistaken braking and crashes.
Ten years of friendship and trust; of words whispered in our ears “we’re too strong”.
Ten years of frustration, engine covers broken and the desire to quit.
Ten years of happiness, pole positions and victories.
Ten years of disillusion, in which we ended up close the podium, we felt it flowing through our fingers and then we saw it disappearing, ten years of fourth places.
Ten years of pride, at the top of the ranking as best manufacturer team.
Despite this, they all were incomparable, each in its own way.

These were years of flights and trains missed. But the philosophy according to which the trains that have been missed are missed, is of those who do not have the courage to try again.

Thus, here we are, raise the curtain, we turned this passion into a job, we turned this adventure into our life and if the past is already history, the future begins now.

Happy anniversary Sic58 Squadra Corse: Because everything that’s happened …was full of us.

Thank you for all this time together!