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SEPANG GP 23/10/22

Less than a race before the end of the World Championship it looks like a good moment to take stock of the situation, also because with the probable victory of Bagnaia and the Moto2 Championship still to be decided, everyone will be focused somewhere else next week.

Our history began with Civ, with the idea of directing young or aspiring riders towards their dream. We can say that we have partly succeeded, obviously not with everyone. Sometimes there wasn’t the right feeling, but we have always tried to do our best, putting our expertise at their disposal.

Let me refresh your memory: we started with Mattia Casadei, who was the determinant for the creation of the team, we are happy that every year he’s there competing to win the MotoE World Championship. Then it was the time of Tony Arbolino, great protagonist in Moto3 and of this last year in Moto2, Tatsuki Suzuki that despite several years in Moto3,  became famous with us and then Niccolò Antonelli, with whom we spent two beautiful years, even though the paddock considered him as a “nearly over” rider.
Today there is Riccardo Rossi, that bears the weight of a peculiar surname, full of expectation… he is a special guy, likeable and very smart, pointed out as a rider who races just because he is a “daddy’s boy”, with us he demonstrated to have the right numbers and great qualities. His sporting history has been growing. Sunday Riki made an amazing race, just a stupid mistake ruined an ending that could have been exalted. What a pity! In our “family-run” environment, I like when people define us in this way, we try to let young riders race as serenely as possible, providing them with every kind of means.
And then there is Lorenzo Fellon…a guy who certainly knows how to ride a motorbike, but who gave up working with us too early, maybe not understanding that all what we were doing had the only objective to make him grow. Too much focused on the pursuit of the lap time, when that is only the final part, the tip of the iceberg. First you have to care for the technique, which is the base of the pyramid. Maybe it was only a pure lack of harmony, we’re not made to feel good with everyone, especially when one is skeptical and he’s convinced that only a KTM can get you the podium.
I saw the post-Sepang interview of Arbolino and I was pleased that, event though it’s been several years, after his first (true) victory in Moto2 he mentioned the Sic and our emotionally difficult first year together, here in Malaysia. Basically, this is what I would like to leave to my riders, what I saw in Tony’s eyes. So that when they talk about us, they can remember the good times spent together.