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Article From “The Republic” Journal 23.10.22

Trying to tell you about Marco in a few words is like asking to Reinhold Messner to climb all the 14 eight-thousanders, the 8,000m mountains of the world, in only one day.

I’m writing you from a circuit which is called SIC, and which ironically does not have this name because it was dedicated to my son but because it is the abbreviation of “Sepang International Circuit”, from many years a fixed stop in the World Championship.
I’m writing you from Malaysia because, as the most passionate know, I’ve been managing a Moto3 team since 2012. For many people Malasya is a land of sun and sea, where the humid climate emits this unmistakable holiday smell.
For me it is unmistakable, like the emotions that connect me to this place, to this circuit that gave me as much as it took away.
What this circuit has given me: It was the year 2008 and on October 19, a “big curly” guy crossed the finish line and qualified as the 250cc World Champion.
What it has taken away is history.
This year, October 23rd will fall again on Sunday and as then, the race will be held on that same circuit. The Sic58 Squadra Corse, this is the name of our team, will proudly race, as always, with Marco’s colors. If I’m still here, in this world, despite it’s a very hard work, even though it’s among the most beautiful hard works, it’s because I want his memory to be stronger than the passing of time. If I’m still here after 11 years, despite all the difficulties, it’s because he is alive in us and we want to remember him in the best way we know: Racing.

I was asked: “Paolo do you want to write about Marco for Repubblica?” Few words would have been enough to answer: “Marco we miss you like air, maybe more”.