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MOTEGI GP 25/09/22

Watching a race from the living room is never easy. This is the second race, I think, the first was in Qatar, during the Covid time, when all the MotoGP was stuck at the airport, while moto3 expatriated just in time.
Despite the high anxiety and about twenty decibels of hearing lost while talking on the phone with Marco Grana, I was able to notice much more things than on the field.
With pleasure I’m happy to announce the second rider of the Sic58: Kaito Toba, yes, another Japanese guy. I have already noticed Toba during the CEV, when he won some races. He is a gritty guy, that come from a period with no results. Already two years ago he looked for us, but I had already a signed contract and I could not take him. I’m happy this year we were able to make a deal, I think to know what restrained him in the last period and I’m sure that together we can find each other.

I saw some improvements in Rossi, this year we had a sprint start but then we got stuck. His starts improved and he does not lose positions anymore. In this race he was feeling good with the second group, then due to a mistake that caused the break of the fairing, he finished only in 10th position.

Fellon finished the weekend with 3 crashes, so there is not so much to say.

Seeing Marquez come back, with that determination, With an humerus rotated by 30º, has impressed me. He is objectively strong, a guy who never gives up, and all the people should notice this, no matter they love him or not. He came back after all what happened and I’m sure that his return will be of use to this sport.
It is exciting watching Motogp races and seeing the scenes with the men of Ducati, wanting to manage the race by default telling Bastianini to step aside, when there was no need: Pecco was stronger and overtook him. It was all really natural, as it should have been. I mean, it is not the last race of the Championship and there will be time to impose orders and implement strategies.
In this regard I want to conclude by reassuring Pecco, as “that bullshit” as he called it, is made only by the best champions.

See you in Thailand!