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MISANO GP 04/9/22

Sometime “they come back”. Sorry for the absence, but also the most beautiful love stories have their time off.
It took me some weeks to collect the ideas, to not talk inappropriately. It’s been a while since I’ve spoken the last time…I wonder if I am still able to do it.

We came from two colorless GP, actually I would say black: Silverstone and Spielberg went bad for Rossi and this made us thinking about Misano with a mix of anxiety (which is typical of the home GP) and concern. An emotional duo not suitable to face an Italian Gran Prix.
Even though I cannot entitle this press release “Rossi’s return”, as he has not returned to the limelight with success. But I can say that Rossi has woken up again and this gives me new hope. Saturday, we didn’t catch the pole by a whisker, due to our miscalculation we ran out of petrol with two corners to go. What a pity! Maybe it was also due to the crash happened during the previous lap. On Sunday he finished 11thhe found again himself after a long confusion period.

Fellon continues with his highs and lows as always, he struggles to focus, maybe the 2023 KTM thought is distracting him a bit.

The last weekend Harrison Voight, our CEV rider, made his debut with our team in the World Championship, as a wildcard. However, his performance was not so good, he was used to ride from the thursday with 3 rounds of 40 minutes every day, here he found himself to risk everything in few laps, it was undoubtedly complicated. Certainly, listening to our advices would have been useful. So many times, the rider forgets that the team works with and for him, to make him go as fast as possible. When a young guy debuts for the first time among the best riders of the world should at least listen, otherwise he can do with his own mind and finish the race 23rd.

We are almost departing for the desolate and lonely Aragon, the last race close to home…then four strenuous races almost all in a row where endless hours flight, sushi and spicy dishes are waiting for us.