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Silverstone GP 07/08/22

It was one of the most exciting races ever seen in the last 10 years of Moto3. A heart-pounding race, with overtaking on the outside, on the inside, braking to the death, no one was able to go away all alone.
This race had only one defect; we were not in the leading group fighting for the first positions. But rather we were in the back, paying attention not to catch-up.

After a race like that, we expected our riders to say: “The bike sucks, it does not have acceleration…”. Instead, after the race Fellon said it was all fine and that the bike was perfect. Rossi (who started from the 4th position, together with all our hopes) simply had a blackout, he was not able to recover neither to take the lead on the situation. They were both between the 17th and 19th position, then cause of the crashes of the other riders they were able to end the race making some points, Rossi ended 14th and Fellon 13th.

I don’t know what to say…I also discovered that Fellon had signed with another team for the next season. It would not have created any kind of problem, as probably our paths would have diverged anyway. But, you know, after two years together I expected to receive this news in another way.

 Anyway, I care about congratulating everyone: from the Rookies to the more experienced riders, Foggia in primis for his way to lead the race, he was so strong and he deserves Moto2. I’m sure that if they always moved up Moto3 before MotoGP, our audience would drastically increase, because what Moto3 offers is sheer show.

Today I’m a bit in a bad mood, I would give up everything to open a chiringuito in Bora Bora.
But as I’m starting getting older, I know well that when you have a problem or something negative happens, you have a time in which you see everything you can’t find a light or an escape way, all seems bigger than you and insurmountable. 
Then gradually, day by day, you start to metabolize the problem, you break it down and you start to find some suitable solutions, and you say to yourself: “Ok, it can be solved”. It does mean to get back up and about. It is what I’m going to do, together with Grana and the other members of the Sic58, starting to work for the future: Next stop Austria!