GERMAN GP 20/06/21

GERMAN GP 20/06/21

The SIC58 Squadra Corse is going through a tough time, after a year without Sachsenring we’re back there, in the place that let both our riders conquer the first rows of the starting grid, something we were desiring from a long time ago.

A huge and unforgettable step for Fellon, who earned the 2nd row for the first time in his career, with the 6th lap-time as protagonist in each practice.

I was watching everything  from my home’s sofa, i would love to say “comfortably” but the reality is that i was wincing and cursing, with Marco Grana giving me a live report on the phone, and seeing the good results on Saturday for sure someone have thought “it goes better when you stay at home!”.

As final result we were all expecting something better, Tatsuki could have won, Fellon could have gained some points for the championship, until Sunday morning they did a great job.

Lorenzo has been unlucky, there has been a serie of accidents and he was involved in one. I have some difficulties in understanding some riders,  the race is long and some stupidities make no sense at all.

Different situation for Suzuki, who was not incisive enough in the last half of the last lap, he didn’t catch the moment and he got overtaken by all the riders going back to the 8th position. It’s a pity because he could have won.

Finally I can say i saw a proper Race Direction, they’ve shown their presence with fair and immediate penalties. As i often say, those kids needs to learn, they need precize regulations and to be sancionate with no esitation.