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Today let’s talk just about nice things and if you’ve seen the races on Sunday now you’re curios for sure. Let’s find the good side of another difficult weekend, again:

ETC: the happiness of Corey Tinker and that hug with his father after qualifying for the race. It was nice to see them so happy, and they have to be because he is still so young and unexperienced, so qualifying against 80 great riders, in this category, it is very difficult. Unluckily he crashed in the race,  but he is young and he has plenty of  time to learn.

Moto3: Senna Agius collect his first point in this championship. He joined us last year, it has been a difficult race with so many crashes but he did a good job, he fought and closed the race with his first little success.

Josito Garcia, two zeros, two crashes. If we pay attention just to the results we may define it a disastrous weekend, but on the other hand I saw him more mature, he grew up a lot from last year, he is strong, he overtakes easily and he is a fighter.His only problem is that he has already in his mind the 2022 season, I think someone told him that if he doesn’t win he won’t go up to the Moto3. This is incorrect and furthermore it pushes him under an exaggerate pressure that doesn’t allow him to ride at his best.

To be noticed you just need to be protagonist of every race. And he has the talent to be always in the top four, it is not necessary to win. In the next race, he will have to make a long lap as penalty, because in the second crash he took down with him two more riders.

I got home today and I was so angry for the result of this inconclusive Barcelona, but then I stopped for a while to think.. we can’t always talk just about the worse, because in life it is when you can find the positive side of little things that you’ll solve the greatest problems.