CATALAN GP 06/06/2021

CATALAN GP 06/06/2021

There are Sundays you wish they last forever, unforgettable, and Sundays you would like to forget as soon as possible, like this one. In this job it happens to have days like these… when you just want to go home, because as we use to say in Romagna “when the fortune wheel doesn’t turn, it just doesn’t”.
We had so many expectations, all gone.. we took home a third-last place and two crashes. Tatsuki is lost, the Tasu of the “great satisfactions” took a pause. He can be competitive in the practices but in the race, in the last ones, he’s using his own strategy, which i don’t approve, he turns on the outside and not on the curb, he’s not incisive, like he was riding with half of his capacity. That’s why he always finds himself in the back of the group where the risk is bigger. I have to admit that this year a few riders that arrived here from CEV, they’re so aggressive they’re ready to risk their life, but he needs to find himself again, he needs to come back riding as before and stop following these touristic trajectories.

Then we have Fellon, who goes on improving a little but he needs to make his ride more aggressive, especially in the breaking, if he doesn’t it would be difficult to get somewhere.

Nice race of Mattia Casadei, but not for how it ends. But it’s ok to commit a mistake if it is while fighting for the victory at the beginning of the last lap.

After those races of Moto3 and MotoGP the chaos came out and it was easy for anybody to criticize; even if already before people weren’t ok with the work of the race direction no one dared to say anything, but after what happened this weekend now everyone is criticizing. Today I don’t want to share their thoughts as I already expressed mine a thousand times.
The pros and cons of these rules are that they are too flexible and now the game is getting out of control. Let’s go back to the circuit of Barcelona for the CEV this time, where I’ll find my youngest riders and a proper Race Direction for sure.
(Nevermind, i’m criticizing them as anybody at the end.)