DOHA GP 04/04/2021

DOHA GP 04/04/2021

I’m a little late, I admit it, but a Sunday like the last one is very difficult to digest, I needed time and a lot of work. Sometimes I try to understand what a rider can have in his mind, what troubles him, what will help him, if to cuddle him or to spur him. But most of the time I come up with no answers. I’m still asking myself from Sunday, how a rider such as Tatsuki, with his talent, can get lost like this during the race and act like a skittle at the mercy of the wind in the middle of the track. Because this is what happened in the second round in Qatar.

I wasn’t able to help the Giapporiccionese neither before the race nor after. Speaking with him right after, even he wasn’t able to explain to me and to himself what happened, either if it was technical or not, so I answered by myself. He didn’t believe enough, in himself nor in his capacities. And he’s wrong, he is so wrong because he knows who he is, he showed us in some races he just needs to prove it again. Because the good and the bad in this sport is that you may be mediatic, you may be such a funny guy, people may like you for how you speak or how you act in front of the cameras, but if at the end of the games you don’t get any good result, if you don’t make the national anthem play in the highest step of the podium, people will forget you soon.

Lorenzo Fellon keeps on learning, I think he can be satisfied with his performance, even if he is not. This is how you grow and learn, if you haven’t done it  in the minor categories, sooner or later you’ll have to face it, because we all know that Fellon is growing and he learns so fast, but he remains a rookie with just a very little experience, I want to underline he just did one year in CEV and one in ETC. On the other hand, here he is battling guys who learn first how to race and later how to walk, experience is the keyword. Just one crash in a weekend with such complicated track conditions means a lot. So he just needs to ride more and more.

Here we are again, already leaving for Portugal, Estoril to be precise, where we will have the first test of CEV, I’m so curious to see how the new squad will work with the new entries. At the same time, another part of the team will fly off to Jerez with Marco Grana, for the MotoE test of Mattia Casadei.

We’re already working hard, both physically and mentally to make races like the last one never happen again.