I could say a lot about this weekend, like talking about the thousand adversities we have to face every Grand Prix to arrive at the race…. instead today I want you to knowledge what has been invented by the race direction, whose chief is still my friend Freddie Spencer.

They’ve decided to give a penalty of 1000€ to me and some other teams: they think we put the riders on track, on purpose all together, 3 minutes to the end of qualifying, creating an assembrament, the same that happens at the beginning of the race, when they start all together. I don’t like too this show we’re offering to the public, where all the riders wait for the fattest one to get his slipstream, but at the moment there is not a rule that forbids to exit the box whenever you prefer. Maybe riders could be punished, but not the team. In such a difficult moment, when we’re spending 60/70.000€ in PCR tests with CEV and the Moto3 World Championship, (which is already questionable), they decided to add also this unfair fine from the race direction… They’re always available in their offices ,  nothing to say about this, they listen to you and your suggestions and they seems to share  and agree on your opinion, but at the and, they do like all the sons, as soon as you go out they do whatever they want. They are the most chatted trio in the paddock for their decisions, which every time add value to our thesis about their unreasoned decisions. And even if sometimes they understand their own mistakes, they never go back to their steps, they go straight with their first decision. Fantastic!

The only way to avoid traffic, is to let riders exit the pitlane 5seconds one from another or to make the hated superpole.

I’ve said too much about this, but it is absurd and it breaks my nerves, already fragile.

I imagine you all saw the race. Nothing to say, if not that Tatsuki shouldn’t have been there in 8th position, his place is with the firsts where the percentage to be involved into accident is lower, that’s what i think. This is the only mistake he did.

With Fellon we went through a new road, we saw the first improvements and now let’s grow step by step.

Now it’s time to fly off to Estoril to enjoy the CEV, let’s hope it will be a good weekend, with our battling squad. someone may think i’m boring, that i have always something to complain about, the rules, people… well, they’re right, but it would be even boring otherwise.. with the classic press releases formal and uncolored!!!