ESTORIL CEV 25/4/2021

ESTORIL CEV 25/4/2021

It is the sinuous circuit of Estoril, with his super long straight, the one to have the honour to open the CEV 2021 season, with all the kids finally all together there after five months of semi-lockdown and far away from competitions. This weekend gave us some confirmations, like with Josito Garcia, and at the same time a lot of work, with Harrison Voight as this was his debut in the Moto3, and with Senna, already with us last year. Last but not least, Corey, our English rider, who is very tall, very young, with the Sic’s hairstyle and like him, he doesn’t fit in this category’s bike.

Moto3: Garcia closes a good weekend, losing the pole position, “stolen” from a rider who took advantage of his slipstream all the practices. We expected a little bit more from him in the race but some unexpected problems came up and so we took home a 7th place with a special save with the elbow at the last lap “like Marquez”. We’re there, we can do it, we can fight for the victory.

Voight did a good debate on his Honda. He came from one year of ETC with us and his 12th position is more than what  we expected he could achieve.

Senna was so enthusiastic for this round, but he wasn’t able to collect the results he deserves, also because he crashed on Friday under the heavy rainout his wish to do well is so strong and I’m sure with this and with our work we will find a way to set.

Corey pays for his 10kg more, even if in three days of practices he moved from a lap time of 1’52’’ to a 1’49’’ in the race, not bad! With those lap-times and his sympathy he would have left us satisfied but in race2 he had a huge crash flying off from his bike at 180km/h. Luckily he just reported a little fracture in his foot and we hope he will be back in time for Valencia.

The weather made us angry as always, as it complicated the track conditions but we must treasure this and to think this is all training, we have a great potential to develop to become protagonists of this season.

We are already checking in our luggages on the next flight to Jerez, one of our favorite track that gave us some amazing “first time”, with the hope to meet again a Tatsuki at his best condition and a super enthusiastic Lorenzo.