BRITISH GP 29/08/21

BRITISH GP 29/08/21

A jump into the past, like a time-machine, back to two years ago: 2019, the last year with the public, when we didn’t even know what Covid was. That time when you could hear the whistles but most of all the applause, the laughs, the roars and the “oooohhh” with the chills when a rider saved a crash. A little bit chaotic, noisy, almost surreal to see all of this again, we got used to see the grandstands empty. More than 200.000 people were there during the weekend, when a charity auction also took place in the commercial zone of the circuit. Silvertone has been for us like a Candy Land with the stands full of people, amazing. We’ve been missing it so bad! And the more I’m thinking about it, the more I find it absurd that the italians authorities allowed just 25.000 visitors per day in Misano. Maybe, we need to start to live together with this virus in a different way.
Silverston: a happy island from the outside, then you entered the paddock: face masks and absolute silence. Too sad.

Our weekend begins with Tatsuki telling me he’ll change team next year. Well,  he tried to tell me that… the intention was that one, but it was like when a son has to tell his father he got a C at school. We were alone in the truck,  he came closer, gurgling something so I encouraged him: “Tatsu, it is normal to change team, we all did it in the past”. He drew a breath of relief and we started talking and to make the point of the situation. We wrote a long story with Tatsuki, a good story and that’s the right thing to do, it is time for him to go on and to walk his own road.
Let’s talk about numbers,  both Fellon and Suzuki got qualified for Q2, and that made me hope for the best. On the other hand, it was clear from the first moment that Fenati would have dominated in this track. At the end Fellon and Suzuki qualified 18th and 13th, they didn’t work too hard for the pole position.

Race time: Fellon made a wrong start and byebye point-zone.
Tatsuki instead made a good race, he could have had the podium in his hands, but a little bit of incisiveness was missing…besides a little sense of regret we can say we are happy of this 5th position of Tatsuki, it was a long time we weren’t able to catch the top five.

Time for riders market, there are a lot of rumors, some true some not, there are a lot of requests. From our side we want to take a little time to choose the rider that will join our future voyage. If to choose an “old fox” or a “new kid”   to begin a new adventure…