I’ve never had “the pleasure” to live Jerez with these high temperatures, normally we use to come here for the tests or in the first part of the season, but never before in august, I have to admit that there is no air, it is impossible to breathe.
This is the first time ever I haven’t envied the riders on the grid. And I always go on the grid, but this time I couldn’t, not to have a heart attack.

In Moto3, Garcia was doing an amazing race, spectacular, superb…. and it is the worst when you’re just about to esultate but then you get taken down at the last lap breaking all our dreams and the bike too.
Race2, the high temperature made the tires lose grip, the Honda at the moment is a little more inferior in acceleration than KTM and Garcia had to push hard to stay with the group, a little bit too much, losing the chance to bring home at least race2.

Weekend to forget for Senna who crashed twice. After the race we had a meeting, he needs to do better in Misano, it is not ok like this, it is hard to face your own thoughts with two zero on your shoulders. We agreed he will face the next race in a different way.

A nice surprise was instead Corey, who was able to qualify besides the starting grid was reduced at 30 riders. He improved a lot, with us he learned to drive better, some techniques he didn’t know, he is making…. well, we are making progress together and doing a great work.
In race2 he even got to fight for the points positions.

Now we are already leaving for Silverstone, where we hope the cold England may refresh us and our ideas…