SAN MARINO GP 19/09/21

SAN MARINO GP 19/09/21

Our own home perfume, the smell of tortellini, the taste of the sea… I thought they could encourage us to do better but instead  our home Grand Prix didn’t give us what we expected. It hasn’t satisfied our expectations. For sure it has been a full weekend. The Misano World Circuit Marco Simoncelli as seen the entire SIC58 Squadra Corse: a bitter tasted weekend… but with some little achievement.

The CEV say us protagonist
in every weather conditions, with our Garcia who fight a tough race and, besides the superpower of the KTMs, he was able to close 5th and 1st Honda’s rider.

Senna made his best qualify ever, but then in the race, which he conclude by the way, he couldn’t breath well. He had covid more then one month ago and besides he passed all the physical tests, we had to help him to get off the bike as he had no strength. Same thing happened to Casadei few weeks ago during a bike training. Dis virus is evil, it looks like it is gone, but then you still find yourself with synths you never had before.

I was so sorry for Voight, called to try to get back on his bike after the brutal accident in Portimao, but when it was time for him ti enter the track, it began raining twice , and even if he was upset, I could’t let him take such a huge risk, as a crash would have cancelled all the progresses he made in these months.

Speaking about Moto3, I can just say FP2 and FP3 were disastrous, with both the riders out from Q2, while a smiling Suzuki was announcing on the Social Media the contract with his new team.

We got saved by the MotoE that brought the Sic58 on the 3rd step of the podium on Saturday, with a great aggressive race, and on the 2nd step on Sunday after Aegerter hitting Torres. The same happened in 1998 when Capirossi overtook Harada in a very aggressive way in Buenos Aires. Whit the difference that this time Aegerter got penalized for “unfair driven”.. well, now you can use the green to do the turn faster when once upon a time you would have crashed… well times have changed. Anyway great job of Casadei after two months without riding his bike, one of which because of covid, he came back on track bringing home the right result.

To tell the truth, in this school report I would like to save with a sufficient vote also Fellon, who in the race was able to made the same lap-times of the first riders, I’m sure he’ll give us great satisfactions because he is a guy that lives to ride his bike and today there are just a few of this kind.

Last but not least, while we’re waiting to leave for Texas hoping for better results, I want to announce that for the 2022 season Harrison Voight and Senna Agius will remain with us in the Moto3 CEV. I’m so happy about that because I see a great potential and they are growing together in the Sic School.