Filippo Farioli was born on April 4th, 2005. His passion for motorcycles began at the age of 5 when his father introduced him to the world of motocross. After several successful years in this category, in 2018, Filippo decided to move to the “smooth wheels” world, where he immediately achieved very positive results, strengthening his passion for the world of speed.
In 2019, Filippo participated in the Civ PreMoto3 (3rd place), and in 2020, he moved to Spain to take part in the European Talent Cup (ETC). In 2021, he made his debut in the Junior Moto3 World Championship and the Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup. This period marked one of the most challenging phases of his career, characterized by numerous falls, poor results, and thoughts of leaving the world of motorcycles.
However, 2022 marked a turning point. With the support of his family and team, Filippo achieved exceptional results: he finished third in the Junior Moto3 World Championship and he secured a pole position and two podiums in the Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup.
These achievements open the door for him to move up to the Moto3 World Championship in the following year (2023). It was a demanding and challenging year until new technicians brought significant improvements in the final races, restoring his confidence in the bike and in himself.
In 2024, Filippo will compete in the Moto3 World Championship with the Sic58 Racing Team.