If I’d go to church today to confess all of my sins, I think thousands prayers wouldn’t be enough to open paradise’s door for me. I’m sorry but this was not a motorbike race but a bumper cars one. The safety commission was so focused to penalize who rides too slow during practices to find a good slipstream, but they should pay the same attention to punish misconduct and craziness during the race. And in this race there were too many examples of excess of competitive spirit turned into imprudence, like the rider who jumped into Tatsu in turn10 of the first lap, or another one who made a strike on other four riders at the end of the straight. It could happened, ok, it was unintentional, ok, but those situations are for sure more dangerous than a sector where a rider drives slow and I think that should be penalized more, not just with the six positions these riders will lose on the grid next race.

On Saturday, Antonelli hasn’t been able to do a fast lap to catch the pole, losing himself slowing down too much and crashing twice because of his distraction. With those mistakes plus penalties, he started from the last positions. He did anyway a super race with an amazing comeback when, at two laps to go, he made a mistake with the gearbox, closing 11th. I can’t say I’m satisfy. From the last positions he fight to catch the first ones, getting closed to the podium, but starting from the first raw he could have won and if you’re aiming to win the championship you can’t do those “rookie-mistakes”.
During the warm up, Tatsuki destroyed his motorbike against the track-wall: an unacceptable mistake to do just two hours before the race.
The only good thing is it was great to see all of my team working together to repair the bike in just an hour, making a miracle: all together, both Tatsu’s and Nicco’s mechanics in total harmony, as they’ve always worked together. It was amazing to watch.
This weekend we go back home with a truck full of broken liveries and the wish to go back on track as soon as possible, in Assen. We are a strong team, we’re can’t stop believing in ourselves and in our dreams.

Talking about broken liveries, I want to comment the most discussed strike of the weekend. He make a bad mistake, dangerous, unpleasant, but during a race it could happens, it happened before to other riders and it will happen to many others, maybe also to him, if Dorna doesn’t have him “arrested”………

Today we’re in Valencia, a very warm Spanish city we often go. We are working on the MotoE, to prepare it for its debut in Sachsenring. This time, after the huge fire, I find a well organized work environment which make me end this press release with this Italian quotes: “not all the bad things come to hurt”!