JEREZ CEV 30/8/2020

JEREZ CEV 30/8/2020

2004, 2016, 2019, 2020 …our First Time, in everything. Our first kiss… to a World Championship cup, raised by Marco on the podium. Twelve years later another first time but with other people, new colors, new riders and new motivations. Arbolino is the first one to win with the SIC58 SQUADRA CORSE logo on the tracksuit. And again, three years later with Niccolò Antonelli in our second year in the World Championship. In the same race Suzuki conquered his first podium. To close the circle, last weekend, our talented Harrison Voight and Josè Garcia took our hands to drive us respectively in the 3° and 1° step of the podium! The satisfactions that this circuit is giving us are countless and the bond is undeniably special.

Six races in two days are definitely tough but it is the smartest solution to solve the problem of not enough time due to the stop at the beginning of the season.
I have two Australians, an Hispanic and an Italian; I could open a Psychological Studio after this experience. Each one of them has his own characteristic, an own way to ride, to approach the race and to live this motorsport.
Who has big expectations, who prefer to maintain a low profile and who has no idea of what he’s doing.
I love to spend some time with each one of them, privately, analyzing every single tenth, turn by turn. Or in some briefing together. They are four riders at their beginning, it’s funny, stimulating and extremely different from when i talk to Tatsuki and Niccolò who competed in the world championship for years, they are older and already formed.
Their minds and body are like sponges, they adsorb everything, they learn a lot. No other moment could be more perfect than this to give them the right bases. And while I’m helping them (or at least I try to do so) to be more riders than boys, they help me, to dream, to never give up; since always, competing maintain people younger.

Voight did a great race, aggressive, but even if he’s not eating his beloved french fries, which made him physically in better conditions, he couldn’t close race2 in a good place due to a technical problem. It made me smile that he was surprised by the aggressiveness of his spanish rivals, who were able to go back on track even more competitive than before despite the red flag, to give their best and olay all their best cards in just five laps. In race1 he took the bike and the team up in the third step of the podium!

Garcia made three races closing respectively 7°, 9° and killing it to win the third one. And while in race1 his leg “fall asleep” because of a too strict new boot, in the last one he demonstrated his ready for the world championship. His driving is scrappy, and as soon as he’ll gain some more self-confidence it will be hard for the others. Senna has been the toughest one to help, as he had no. idea of how hard races are. He competes in very few serious races, he is very talented but he must not make the mistake to rush. He has a huge control of his bike and he brakes at the limit, linear and with a beautiful style but he needs to be patient, it is essential to aim hight.

Volpi’s weekend was like a mountain to climb, higher and higher as he was touched by another rider who made him crash at. 160km/h and that caused problems all the weeknd. that’s a pity! But we’re here, ready and faithful for the next race.

The guys of the team are great, all young, with as chief my telemetrist (a woman) from the world championship, la Patri, who uses here everything she learns there and so on Sunday she won proudly her first race as chief technician! Supporting her there is the wise Fabio Balducci and an “old fox” Sanzio Malabrocca who has been with Marco since 125cc. I had the real demonstration that I have an amazing team when all the mechanics run to fix Volpi’s bike (there was not enough time), with no distinctions of moto3 or ETC. I saw everyone working together, just one single team, it was nice to watch.

Now it’s time for me to stop for two days before Misano calls, I need it, we need it, Sanzio and I have been wandering around for a very long time, (I guess we have like 25 seasons each on our shoulders) and we start feeling our 40 years of olderness…