MISANO GP 13/9/2020

MISANO GP 13/9/2020

“T’an avrè fat el surpass Callaghan!!” (that means in our dialect “what an overtake Callaghan!”. That’s what Pasini told me. And that’s right, a surprising Tatsuki Suzuki who amazingly overtakes his adversaries during the last laps, closing the race in a precious 3rd position.

Home sweet home. Nothing is better than a podium in your own Home GP, and if you add that we didn’t take airplanes, no dinner at restaurants and the comfort of sleeping in your own bed, the vote is 9+/10. 9 because there’s no limit, you can always improve. Tatsuki on the front of the race, battling for the victory, a race that made me exclame: “whatever result, it was spectacular!” And at the end the result was good.
After the race, I must admit it, I had bittersweet feelings, but this is the eternal damnation of the 3rd place. You jump on a step of the podium, you’re happy, but… a “but” that leaves space to everything and nothing, because at the end it was fine like this: with the heart beating fast and the defibrillator in the box not to die in case of extreme feelings. It was a long time since we watch another race like this. To help a guy to believe again in himself, to remind him how strong he is when it seems he forgot, this is an hard work, but at the same time it is one of the most amazing; to build trust and estimation of each other, feeling the sintony, to build something everyday, for emotions like those it is worth it. What a great job we did!!

The weekend began with the 1st row of Casadei in MotoE, who at the end started from the pole due to a penalty given to Ferrari. He ran the race until two laps to go when he made a mistake, losing the podium, overtaken by the veterans surprising him. Let’s remember that Mattia is the youngest in this category, and I choose him for a reason.
Podium for Tatsuki after an adrenaline race, just a pity for our Niccolò who lost the top10 for just a very little after a good comeback, overtaken by his friend Migno.

Now we’ll just wait for the 2nd round, or better saying, we’re ready for the next tampon; that’s because before being ready for the race, you have to pass that test. It is like the fortune wheel, we have to cross our fingers hoping for the best, while the riders market around us is waking up…