We ride on track with great run-off areas and hundreds of precautions, with medical corners everywhere, but still, the most classical accident, where you get run over by your mates as happened on Sunday to Hugo Millan, is impossible to avoid. Maybe, it is time to stop for a while and ask ourselves what we can, we must improve not to leave anything to chance.

The ETC category has so many participants every round, they make the qualifying to make the starting grid. An idea may be to make at least two races, in order to reduce the number of participants. An alternative has to be found soon, not to regret one day if we could have found that solution earlier with the happiness of saving one life.

We were in Aragon without Voight, still healing, I can’t say anything against my team: Garcia closed the race at 2 tenths from the 1st, he suffered a little bit with the engine, i must admit that at the moment the KTM is more performant than Honda.
Senna is still demonstrating he is a “race fighter”, with a big wish to grow and learn, maybe even too much and that makes him irruent at the point that he commits unuseful mistakes because of which it is impossible for him to reach the points-zone. He should focus this energy in the right measure to be more incisive in the qualifying instead.
Corey in the ETC got qualified, which was the main goal of the season, he is growing race by race; let’s not forget his height makes him pay at least 15 kg more than all the other riders, which in these bikes means a lot.

A few weeks ago Voight broke his leg in several places after being involved in an accident similar to the one of Hugo Millan. Voight has been blessed, Millan paid with interests instead.
We always hope it won’t ever happen, but we know that this sport is life and the passion prevails over everything, it can’t be stopped the unstoppable… but sometimes we are woken up by reality and paradoxically it reminds us that destiny exists.