Everything begun with… well, where should I start from? There’s a lot to say, it has been a real intense weekend… and it has been all ours.
After three days locked down in a hotel where the the hot temperatures have always been with us (now if there are less than 39º degrees I need a sweater) we went back to the circuit, to go on with the work we began the previous weekend. From the “black&white” race of last Sunday, to the angry speech for both the riders, especially Tatsuki.

The weekend started in this way, with the Giapporiccionese conquering the third Pole Position in a row. 3 poles in 3 GPs! Warning! It takes just a little to get used to it! They also modified the bike’s set-up so we thought it would have been quite difficult. Too much thinking instead for Antonelli who struggled in the practices.
Sunday morning, Marco Grana and I in the pit lane, my phone ringing: it was Lepro (our MotoE mechanic); panic attack. “What’s happening now?”
“Can you bring a coffee for Mattia on the starting grid?” I stopped for a while with no words to say. In all of these years in this world neither me or Grana have never heard such a demand from a rider just before the race. I clearly said no and I let you imagine what I was thinking between myself and I. Afterall he did a very good job, I was missing the kid I met back in 2012 in Riccione’s tracks. He has been smart and intelligent, aware of his abilities. On the previous days we were working on the hot lap as the super-pole is his biggest problem. And it worked, he qualified in 8th position from which he closed a great race in the 3rd step of the podium. At the parc ferme, without even taking off his helmet, he exclaimed to me: “He tried to overtake me while braking. ME? Well, F**k you!” Yes, that’s because if I have to choose one thing he is good at, I’ll say the brakings. If you’re following him, you can’t imagine to brake without ending straight.

Moto3. Tatsuki finally made the race I wanted, or better the one I kindly ordered him to do. It was essential for him not to think too much. The summary of 4 years of hard work of our team: 22 two laps in the front and it is victory. I am so proud of all of my team and of Tatsuki, because at the end, the one driving is the rider, he is the one who can make the difference. On the outside we could all be the best to criticize, to give advices or to say “good job”, but it is known, we’re all professional gamers while sitted on the bench.
Niccolò was able to regain some positions in the first laps, but after a collision he closed the race 15th. We talked a little bit after the race, there are few things that need to be fixed, starting from Brno; we won’t give up.

You’ve watched all the rest on the TV, the happiness, the hugs, the bad language and few punches. Just like this, clear and transparent, simply us. I take the opportunity to add: few of you guys texted us to discover if after all the joyful slaps of Filippo Berti, with the shovels he has as hands, Marco Grana was taken into the clinic. Well, no. RIDER OK! Well chief technician ok!