In 2018, after a disastrous race, I decided not to do the press release; I must admit I thought for a while not to do it also this year. Generally speaking, August has never been a lucky month for the SIC58 team, we should take it off from the calendar but that would be too easy for my riders.

MOTOE: Mattia Casadei, the youngest rider of this category in-between so many veterans, is with us since 2013 and I gave him a lot of trust. He’s fast, he has style and he is a good rider but every time he should achieve good results after working so hard, he often waste the opportunity, throwing the bike on the ground. This is exactly what happened also this weekend, on Saturday during the E-Pole: everything was making us believing on a good result but in the second turn we immediately understand every hope was lost. For sure rain complicated the race but at this point of his career he should demonstrate something more because between August and September teams start to balance pro and against, and it should result positive. At some point, what really counts is “here and now” and that means for him to be stronger and win.

MOTO3: I really hope Dorna will delete Q1 and Q2 to make something like a superpole because what we’re seeing almost every GP, every rider waiting for others, that’s embarrassing. Niccolò and Tatsuki complicated their own weekend after an amazing Friday as protagonists, taking both a penalty in the most stupid way. Without that penalty Tatsu would have start 2nd and watching the race and the strange weather conditions, I take the risk to say we could have gone so close to the podium. But that’s just a story: in the reality Niccolò started from P12 and Tatsuki from P14. Just a little piece of asphalt was already dry and Race Direction declared the race “WET” so in case of rain there wouldn’t be the chance to stop the race; that’s why choosing the right tires was difficult but essential. Tatsuki made a mistake in the first turn just a beginner can do, going wide and instead of picking up the bike to go straight he tried to close the turn anyway, ending this way his Austrian GP.

Antonelli started from the back, at the beginning he suffered a little bit but he kept fighting with the first group swinging from 6th to 10th, closing 9th in the final sprint.

On Sunday we finally had the amazing news Tatsuki will join us another year, no one was ready to see him leaving this team. In these days also Niccolò will decide if to stay or to step up in Moto2. I keep saying I would like the team to remain the same but this is not up to me, everything is now in his hands.
Happy holidays everyone. See you in Silverstone!