Paolo’s Blog


Last Thursday when we have arrived the airplane doors opened and it was like being in Narnia. A freezing wind and a winter weather discouraged the shy sun that was trying to appear beyond a blanket of clouds.

Sunday’s grid saw a Lorenzo Fellon in an excellent condition. In that way we warmly welcomed our new sponsor “La Marzocco”, together with a very positive evaluation of our team. Fellon very strong on wet conditions, for the first time he directly entered in Q1, despite two crashes during the first laps. At this point also the Sky journalist Antonio was fantastic, as he interviewed me immediately after, making me speak with interruptions at the right time, I am in debt with him. After some private clarifications, Lorenzo was able to find the right way and to make an amazing Q2, just missing the pole cause of a yellow flag. What a pity!
Having him in the first row of the grid was a great result for us, with him we started a refined work some time ago and now we can take advantage of all those efforts. He still has to improve in dry conditions but in few times, he will be able to stay in the top 10.

Another story for Riccardo Rossi, from him I have much higher expectations. However, he is starting to understand that concentration is fundamental and he is also revaluing himself thanks to the support of his team. He is redeeming. Unfortunately, in this world everyone has labels: “he always falls, he is here because he is the son of…” But today he is proving to race because of his capabilities, no matter where he comes from, because he is a fast rider… We are the SIC School with its philosophy to be respected (“we don’t care”). Regarding resenting people, let them talk. If he continues to grow and to listen, we will have great satisfactions.

Sometime from the outside it’s difficult to imagine and to identify with the difficulties related to make young riders grow, young guys with a lot of expectations and a low experience, and make them ready to compete at these levels. For this reason, I’m happy to have an awesome team with me and a technical director like Marco Grana and…I also wanted to remember you that “a sem trop fort!” (“we are too strong!”).
Now another intense weekend is waiting for us in Jerez, we hope for a more clement weather, but in any case: we are ready to have our say!