QATAR GP 10/03/2019

QATAR GP 10/03/2019

Qatar 2019, the place where everything begins…. in one hand I would say “FINALLY”, but in the other, despite the enthusiasm, I think there was not enough time between the end of 2018 championship and the beginning of this new one, and that created us few logistic problems. For sure coming here in Qatar a week early for tests didn’t help us, it has been quite tiring, both physically and economically; Moto3 and Moto2 teams are not MotoGP, it should be considered.
This year it was decided to transform Moto3 qualifying in Q1 and Q2, as in MotoGP, to make them less dangerous but more exciting and funny, and the show has benefited. Each session is just 15 minutes long so the low-speed track penalty should be reviewed also just for one single sector.

Our riders are strong and fast: Antonelli could have taken the pole with a little bit of luck. Suzuki grew up a lot mentally and also with his driving style but he’s been unlucky, hit by an inappropriate Binder.
Let’s now talk about a sore subject: the race. Niccolò has to learn how to start in a better way, to lose so many positions in one turn is not allowed starting from the 2nd row. He has to be more aggressive, he should have known that if you leave even the minimum space to those crazy kids there will be consequences.
In those last years Moto3 is becoming more and more warlike; he was the fastest, one of the pretender to the podium, the one who had to conquer it. In the last laps he had to be more aggressive.
What about Tatsu? After a crash caused by Rodrigo, also Foggia, Masaki and him have been involved. The photo showing Tatsuki on his knees off the track speaks by itself.

I’m here again saying “we didn’t get….”
I’m not going on with this sentence, which was the unceasing refrain of last year and is still actual, but I want it to change. We have the right bike, the right team, precious collaborators. We should stop to fear the highest step of the podium and I’m sure that, if fortune will help us to get the first result, the rest will come automatically.
On Monday afternoon we were yet in a rainy Riccione. Flying, every distance seems so short: on Sunday evening you are in Losail joining the first race of the year and the evening after you’re having dinner at your favorite restaurant. You know what? The desert is fascinating… but Luciano’s “cappelletti” at Pineta’s are more.

This year SIC58 Squadra Corse has the pleasure and the luck to welcome on board new sponsors: I-TECH Medical Division, IMAL, Lavoropiù, Birra Flea, LeoVince and Drago.
We left on Tuesday for a 25 degrees Jerez, where Patacca, Bertelle and Arita will show their talent in the CEV Moto3 Test, Falzone and Volpi in the ETC-European Talent Cup Test, while Casadei will test for the second time his MotoE.