LE MANS GP 19/5/2019

LE MANS GP 19/5/2019

To avoid the risk of arriving in Mugello, one of the most important races of the championship, undertone, demotivated and with the head flying too high, we made it to arrive there angry and with anxiety. Well done! Here, in a Le Mans with a very strange weather condition, where we’ve always been in the top5, we worked so hard in every single aspect to build the perfect race, taken away by a “stupid” mistake by Antonelli and another crash I’m still not able to explain by Suzuki; maybe he took a 20cm different line where the track was dirty.

But let’s analyze it in general: Tatsuki made a big step after Argentina, both mental and physical. Now he knows what he’s capable of and how much he can open the throttle. He finally becomes the rider I was expecting him to be: correct, fair, aggressive and fast. This was the first GP for his mother here in Europe, and I was hoping we could make her smile; instead she cried but I think now she is conscious of how strong has become Tatsuki. Day by day we’re discovering a new Niccolò, an amazing guy whose feeling is growing with both the team and his moto, a guy who entered the breakfast room singing at 6:30 in the morning. I would have never expected this to happen. He changed a little bit his behavior, approaching the weekend in a different way that permits him to find again his balance. What happened that morning is enough to understand how much he has changed. At the beginning of this press release I talked about his stupid mistake. I said so because a guy with his experience can’t do this tipe of mistake: he arrived long, he should have taken up the bike, lost some positions and then gone again battling. Instead he forced the bike to close the turn and crashing was the result. If you’re fighting for the first position in the championship you have to think more. Anyway he is trying hard and he is so fast… races are also this.

In Le Mans there was also the Junior World Championship, with our Moto3. This race was the proof of Bertelle’s consistency and of Patacca’s difficulties to take back control of his capacities after the brutal accident of last year while running for the Championship in the European Talent Cup. Arita is taking little steps forward. We need to consider this was their first time in this track with just two qualifying and no free practices, and they’re here to learn with our help and competence. CEV is the entrance for the World Championship and the first ten riders have so much experience. We need more time to learn, at the moment we can just gain what we can.

Now we’re waiting for Mugello like a mariner when he sees the lighthouse. We want to demonstrate Jerez was not casualty but a product of twentyfour months of hard work, fatigue, discussions and perfectionism. At this level everyone is strong but to win you need a methodical work. Together with a little bit of luck and a lot of competition, details are the ones to make the difference.