22 September 2020


In a weekend when Almost everything went wrong; Tatsuki broke his left radio and Antonelli got lost in between the turns of the circuit entitled to […]
16 September 2020

MISANO GP 13/9/2020

“T’an avrè fat el surpass Callaghan!!” (that means in our dialect “what an overtake Callaghan!”. That’s what Pasini told me. And that’s right, a surprising Tatsuki […]
3 September 2020

JEREZ CEV 30/8/2020

2004, 2016, 2019, 2020 …our First Time, in everything. Our first kiss… to a World Championship cup, raised by Marco on the podium. Twelve years later […]
25 August 2020

AUSTRIA GP VOL.2 23/08/2020

640km to drive back home from Spielberg with thousand of thoughts and questions, biting my tongue trying not to say inappropriate things speaking at the phone […]
18 August 2020

AUSTRIAN GP 16/8/2020

Exactly one week after the Czech GP, here we are, ready to compete in the Red Bull Ring, in Spielberg. Well, “compete” is not the right […]
12 August 2020

CZECH GP 09/8/2020

Brno is a circuit situated in the middle of a wood, so silent to seem spellbound, today more than ever, considering there was no public. The […]
28 July 2020


Everything begun with… well, where should I start from? There’s a lot to say, it has been a real intense weekend… and it has been all […]
22 July 2020

JEREZ GP 19/7/2020

In a paddock full of masks, hand’s sanitizers and thermometers, where to enter in the clinic they make you a total body check up with x-ray, […]
16 July 2020

CEV PORTIMAO 13/7/2020

Just a few days after the Estoril race we are already in Portimao with its 35ºC welcoming us. We are a great team and while in […]
10 July 2020

CEV ESTORIL 07/07/2020

Here we are, after almost eight months, two of which were spent locked down inside our houses, we’re finally back on track with the CEV. Thanks […]