15 March 2021


Dear all, I wished I could have met you at a very nice team presentation, as per our habit, and to hug all of you, together […]
25 November 2020

PORTUGUESE GP 22/11/2020

Finally this clumsy year is over. I’m sorry to say “finally” for two reasons: first of all for you, because I saw your desperation on social […]
14 November 2020

NEWS 2021

It’s finally the right time to announce to you the little rider that next year 2021 will join Tatsuki in our World Championship team. I think […]
10 November 2020

EUROPEAN GP 08/11/2020

Our thunderstorm continues undeterred. This weekend has been the result of bad weather, critical track’s conditions and a huge dose of bad luck. Suzuki remained outside […]
3 November 2020


Valencia 1st round, the last run of CEV. We were in the list, fighting for the podium with Garcia in a difficult season finale. We ended […]
28 October 2020

ALCANIZ GP 25/10/2020

This is already the second “press release” I’m writing from home, i’m finally smart-working too. The next step it would be that riders will be trying […]
20 October 2020

ARAGON GP 18/10/2020

Here we are again! Another result distorted by the bizarre interpretation of the race direction; I’ll better talk about anything else, but instead I still go […]
13 October 2020

FRENCH GP 11/10/2020

This weekend smells exactly like Brno 2007, a disastrous weekend, disheartening, unhappy. Marco crashed during the warm up and Taro Sekiguchi hit his bike breaking it […]
6 October 2020

ARAGON CEV 04/10/2020

Six races in two days, it is really a lot to handle even for a young boy like me. But besides the tiredness, the fatigue, planes, […]
29 September 2020

BARCELLONA GP 27/09/2020

A Sunday of important crashes, of mistakes, of bad luck, where it seems nobody cares about the classyfy, no one wants to win this crazy championship […]