Lorenzo Fellon

Born in Avignon, France, the 15th of July 2004, he is the new entry of the SIC58 team.
He lives in Avignon, where he’s homeschooled since three years now, so he is able to organize at the best trainings and travels.
He loves music so much that he can’t live without it… at home he’s always with his headphones or with his speaker on: it is his way to relax and just escape from the stress and work. He also really like clothes and shoes so during his spare time he looks at clothes and shoes online!
How did he start riding?
His dad was a racer and he bought him a PW50… He was already attracted by bikes watching some Grand Prix on the tv. Then he tried the bike for the first time on a pit lane of a karting track close to his house. He got more and more into it and just few years later he won the French Pw championship, just at the age of 9. Together with his father, he decided it was the right time to go racing in Spain as the level is way much higher there. He carried on and step by step got where he is, closer and closer to his dream. This year he will debut on the Moto3 World Championship riding the Honda SIC58, and we are so proud to join him in this new adventure!
Welcome to the family Lorenzo!!